Saturday, August 1, 2009

s going id much much rather blog on my phone than on my computer but im sure now its going to be one looooong sentence but oh well : )
So i just set up my account so i can blog from my phone... How silly is that? Better yet how amazing is that!!!? Ill start posting more often and get thi

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

thoughts on roommates

i work about 75 hours a week give or take
my roommate works about 12 or 15 and makes about 20 dollars a night in tips
which she likes to spend on eating out and drinking all the time
sooo its my fault when we cant make rent?
seems that way doesnt it?
like almost anyone who has lived with another person they arent dating
id much much much rather live alone but cant manage it by myself
soo whats a girl to do?
i guess suck it up and try to find another roommate? who i might end up hating too...
all i ask is to pay rent and let me be the recluse that i am and dont make a fuss when ive been in my room for a few days working on some sort of silly art project
i just felt the need to rant i guess this blog is more diverse than i thought and only in three posts haha

also artifex pereo (sounds like perayoh) is dang good and i went to their first show the other night
id get on that if i were you!
they remind me of underoath their stage presents is fantastic

Friday, July 17, 2009


soo im redoing my bathroom
i figured i could just go in there and scrub the walls and put a nice fresh coat of white paint down and then go from there but its turning out to be quite a hassle. My main problem is that theres about four coats of horribly think paint on everything and theyve had to patch up the walls a lot too and figured it wasnt important to sand down the walls first.
soo that is what ill be doing with all my spare time in the next few weeks... instead of seeing friends which i should be doing. my sisters helping out tho so thats gotta count for something.
but anywho wants its all pretty and white im gonna do something like this
but with dark gray, white and teal

pretty excited!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

well i guess i do

Call me a copy cat if you will...
my friend started a blog today and i just thought it was neat and decided to give it a go
to be fair ive had this blog for a while i just hadnt written anything
whos the copy cat now? yeah.. still me

A few important things
Im no fan of grammar so if you are a fan i guess this isnt your cup of tea
i love music like any other person and ill probably talk about that most
i try to be extremely crafty and creative but i lack motivation most of the time
i talk about myself entirely too much
but its a blog... so what can ya do
im sure ill be the only person to ever read this blog and im okay with that

so lets get to it
when i like something, i like it a lot
maybe annoyingly too much but its true and i cant help it
my current obsession is the new decemberists cd the hazards of love
im currently jobless and moneyless so i had to download it which i hate doing but ill most likely buy it the second i get money so i dont feel too bad
Anyways i really like the story behind it
check it out

secondly im attempting to start screen printing again
ive really only done one shirt but it was a good shot
it said i heart shelby canrforth
yeah soo im gonna try that out tonight and ill post a picture of what i get accomplished

well it was fun