Thursday, March 19, 2009

well i guess i do

Call me a copy cat if you will...
my friend started a blog today and i just thought it was neat and decided to give it a go
to be fair ive had this blog for a while i just hadnt written anything
whos the copy cat now? yeah.. still me

A few important things
Im no fan of grammar so if you are a fan i guess this isnt your cup of tea
i love music like any other person and ill probably talk about that most
i try to be extremely crafty and creative but i lack motivation most of the time
i talk about myself entirely too much
but its a blog... so what can ya do
im sure ill be the only person to ever read this blog and im okay with that

so lets get to it
when i like something, i like it a lot
maybe annoyingly too much but its true and i cant help it
my current obsession is the new decemberists cd the hazards of love
im currently jobless and moneyless so i had to download it which i hate doing but ill most likely buy it the second i get money so i dont feel too bad
Anyways i really like the story behind it
check it out

secondly im attempting to start screen printing again
ive really only done one shirt but it was a good shot
it said i heart shelby canrforth
yeah soo im gonna try that out tonight and ill post a picture of what i get accomplished

well it was fun


  1. I have proven you are not the only one reading this...I think you should screen print a shirt that says "I kick clowns in the nuts"...

  2. wow thanks!
    my computer crashed about two seconds after i wrote this blog haha i blame bad karma for me downloading that album
    anywho nice shirt idea i might give it a try